One of OurStyleBlog’s new year’s resolutions is to help you make 2018 your best year yet! It’s time to say bye-bye to partying and hello to achieving all your dreams and goals. But before we move on to the new, let’s leave behind all the bad. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the full list of what’s worth giving up for good!

That DVR list
With a new year ahead, it’s time to update your favorite shows list and give your DVR a little extra storage space. Take a couple of minutes and plan out a few attractions you’d like to see in 2018. Fresh content adds excitement and will liven up your nighttime routine.


Checking your phone every night
You leave the office by 5 pm but still, find yourself answering work emails from bed late into the night. Not good! While technology helped us become more productive, it also impairs our ability to relax. Unless it’s an end-of-the-world emergency, your inbox can wait until the morning, we promise.


Old Takeout Menus
Admit it, you also have a jammed kitchen drawer with takeout menus. Nobody is telling you to give up your favorite spring rolls but it’s 2018. Let’s embrace the future a little and rely less on paper and more on digital. Check out Ubereats – Uber’s meal ordering and delivery platform- for detailed menus, special deals and delivery tracking.


Baby Clothes
While hard to accept, your little munchkins have grown up! Pick a couple of items you could see being passed on as a family heirloom and donate the rest to other little ones in need. Declutter the closet and do some good – all in one go! Now that’s a strategy we love.


Leftovers in the Freezer
While frozen food can last for a couple of months, it’s best to assess your freezer for the new year. Truth is, the taste and texture of meals can deteriorate over time. Do a bit of selective choosing on what’s worth keeping and what should be tossed.



CDs (really)?
With so many music streaming services available, is it really worth it to keep on buying CDs? Embrace the wonders of the digital world with apps like Spotify or Apple Music. More songs to pick, less dough to spend and all a mere touch of a button away.

Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend Number
Start off this new chapter of your life right. Any unnecessary drama will not help you in the slightest. Take a deep breath, press delete and let go. It’s time to move on – to the actual true love of your life.


Alarm Clock
Forego your alarm clock which can only tell time. Voice-controlled devices such as Amazon’s Echo or Dot are the perfect way to stay organized and start your day off on the right note. Listen to news, music or place a shopping order as soon a you open your eyes.


Your Instagram addiction
Granted, we’re guilty of this one, too. Instagram is basically the black hole of the internet. Once you’re in, it’s almost impossible to get out. With so many pictures and hashtags to follow, it’s a sure way to kill (or waste!) time. Let’s make a deal and cut back, okay?


Toxic Friends
Make it your mission this year to be around the people who truly care about you. Frenemies are something to be left in High School. Surround yourself with amazing friends – they might be few – but they are the ones who really know your heart.

Have a fabulous year, guys! We can’t wait to be part of your journey, every step of the way. Let’s make this new 365 count!