It was all going great until you hit send.Yikes! Whether you’re still in the flirting stage or in a serious relationship, some things are better said in person. And some are better not said at all! OurStyleBlog wants you to keep the guy, not lose the guy. Here is what you should never text him.

10. Where Are You?
Uh-oh, stalker alert! Ask any guy and he will confirm that losing his space is one of his biggest fears when it comes to relationships. Let’s make it clear, you’re not his mom. You’re the cool chick he’s super into, okay?

9. Are you Mad at Me?
This could lead to a “yes” and that will lead to a discussion over text. Big no-no. If you would like to discuss your feelings with him, it should always be eye to eye. This eliminates the potential of misinterpretation and unnecessary drama.

8. Why Are You Ignoring Me?
You are a confident modern woman, not a helpless puppy. Give him a bit of space. Maybe he’s busy or sick. Perhaps he is ignoring you. The main thing is to not waste your time chasing him. When guys realize that you have your own life that makes you more attractive.

7. Do You Still See Your Ex?
Don’t dig yourself a ditch of paranoia and jealousy. If they are still friends, you’ll know. And if they aren’t, who cares?! Remember, he’s with you now.

6. Are You Dating Someone Else?
Awkward much? Test the waters. Make up your own conclusions and seek confirmation when in person. Loved-up eyes rarely lie…

5. How Much Do You Like Me?
Like a little or a lot? Or maybe a little that is becoming a lot? Ugh, cringe! Come on, you can do better than the clingy girl. Actions mean more than words. If he’s into you, it’s easy to tell. And if he’s sending you mixed signals, ask him out and bring it up. Problem solved.

4. I Missed My Period.
Say what? Girl, you do not go down that route with a phone in hand. First things first, run to the drugstore and get a pregnancy test. If it’s positive, then you ask him to come over and you talk things through like grown-ups. No baby talk over texting!

3. Where is This Relationship Going?
How Deep Is Your Love is a good song, but not a good question to ask over text. Next time you’re hanging out, tell him how much you enjoy spending time with him and if he’s on the same page about becoming exclusive.

2. The good ole (K.)
Girl code for angry. It’s a total buzzkill that makes you sound moody. A simple “Let’s talk about it over pizza!” is a lot more diplomatic. I mean, who even remembers to argue when there’s pizza involved?!

1. We Need to Talk…
Spare him the panic. The male brain is very straightforward. You say “talk” he reads “problem”. Don’t make it sound so urgent and serious. Otherwise, he will dread meeting up.

We hope these suggestions helped you avoid relationship mishaps! Stay tuned for more dating tips from OurStyleBlog editors.