It might be a while since you two walked down the aisle. Long gone are the days of carefree dating. Hello, cohabitating! Yup, somewhere along the way it all changed. And with it came joint tax returns, the cat, dog, and kids. These days it can be hard to squeeze in a little lovin’. But before you throw in the towel, hear us out. Here are our top 10 tips on how to keep that spark – better yet – flame burning for an entire lifetime.

Help each other our around the house

Let’s get one thing straight, you two are a team. Strength lies in unity and it’s essential to combine forces in everyday life. To start, make sure the chores are distributed evenly. Stress levels can increase when one partner feels overworked around the house.


Book a regular date night

Never stop dating each other. We repeat, never! Get a sitter or ask a friend to watch the kids and hit the town with your boo. Just because you two are married, doesn’t mean that romance should be forgotten. Designate one night a week where it’s all about you two. Another fun idea is to go on a double date – romance and fun socializing all in one go!


Healthy Fight. (Understanding why he or she is upset)

Don’t bottle it up, this just leads to unwelcome resentment. If one of you is upset about something, have an open conversation. A genuine “I would love to hear what is bothering you” can go a long way and save many relationships. Better yet, pick a neutral ground. Invite them for an after-dinner walk around the neighborhood. With an open heart, hear them out.

Have sex

Just dooooo it! A little bow chicka wow wow is a must. Somebody once said that sex and pizza are good even when they are bad. We can’t help but think how true this is! Intercourse helps you feel emotionally and physically connected to your partner. Get creative and look for outfits or toys to spice it up. Even a quickie can do the trick and get you two back in the game.

Take a weekend vacation

South Beach bringing the heat? Or maybe a cozy bed&breakfast in a nearby town. It doesn’t matter where to. The important thing is when. A little impromptu rendezvous could be just what you two need to get out of that run and act like teenage lovebirds. Get booking!


Hello Hugs

It’s in the little things…Studies say that hugging your partner hello is one of the easiest ways to help them stay healthy. The physical contact can boost oxytocin and serotonin levels which will help relieve stress. A simple hug is a nonverbal way to say so much with so little. We’re huggers at OurstyleBlog!


Kiss goodbye

Before you rush out the door, why not rush to your beloved’s arms? A quick peck on the lips can be a sweet and loving way to say goodbye. Let them daydream about part II of that makeout session all day long.


Ask for help

Validate your partner by letting them know how much you admire them. It can be something as simple as asking for help while preparing dinner. Ask them to give you a hand by letting them pick out the wine. Compliment them. “Since you’re so good at _____, could you please help with ____” This keeps them engaged and feeling all fuzzy inside. Teamwork rules!


Pay less attention to your kids

We know you can’t quite fathom the idea, but yes one day your little munchkins will be all grown up. Off to college and ready to face the big wide world. Helicopter parents often face the double whammy of overly dependent kids and forgotten spouses. Yikes! Our parenting is mantra: be a warrior to your kids, not a worrier. They will be okay with a tad less attention.

Say thank you (set an example for the kids)

Be appreciative of their dedication and love. Say thanks, today, tomorrow and often. It will let them know their actions aren’t in vain and nothing is taken for granted. And love should never be.