Fall is here, and you know what that means? That’s right, everything from digging out your favorite pair of boots, to eating cinnamon pancakes in the morning and drinking hot chocolate in the evening! Oh, how we love the fall.

And while enjoying all of the delights it brings, we have to remain health-conscious and try not to put on too much weight in the upcoming holiday months, because not only will it be a nightmare sticking to all those fat loss New Year resolutions, but more importantly, we could lose control of our health and easily turn the holiday cheer into the holiday flu shots.

But we don’t want that to happen to you, so this time we’re going to share with you our top three amazing exercise programs to help you shed some extra fat and stay healthy throughout the holiday season!

High-Intensity Interval Training is all the Craze
If jogging makes you question yourself what have you done in your life to deserve such monotonous torture, then spicing your cardio routine with HIIT training might prove to be your lord and savior. This exercise routine is comprised of short intense bursts of anaerobic exercises and even shorter or no rest periods. Its major benefits are cardiovascular endurance, athletic capacity and improved fat loss, compared to standard low-intensity cardio routines.

Strength Training for a Toned Physique
Weights do more than just make others drool after you, in fact, did you know that weight training has proven to be more effective at burning deep fat tissue than low to medium intensity cardio sessions? That’s right, pumping iron for an hour can help you lose fat by striking deep into the tissue, helping your muscles grow and at the same time shed fat. Just make sure to keep your rep ranges high, because this will spike your metabolism and keep the time under tension, which are the key elements of losing weight. Plus, by lifting weights and putting your body under stress, your nervous system will be forced to adapt, so you’ll boost your immune system and become strong and healthy.

Interval Cardio for the Real World
Now, even if pumping iron or terrifying people by suddenly bursting into a full sprint isn’t your cup of tea, there is still something you can do to boost your metabolism and stay in top shape, and that is incorporating heavy resistance at low speed.

These types of exercises will boost your immune system and strength, and get you ready for some real-life situations, whether that be running after your dog and holding him in place without dislocating your shoulder, or saving your crush from a burning building, you know, the usual. In the end, all of the exercise programs in the world won’t get the scale to abide by your wishes if you don’t combine them with a healthy and balanced eating regime.

Make sure to eat a lot of healthy foods in accordance with your metabolism, and you will be all set to make this holiday season your most enjoyable one yet!