Podcasts aren’t just for grownups who want to kill time while on their way to work.These digital tools are the perfect way to entertain rowdy youngsters during road trips or help put them to bed after a long day. Give yourself a little break and let someone else do the talking and teaching. Here are the best podcasts your kids need to start listening to!

“But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids”

There’s no doubt that kids are imaginative and curious. Next time you are faced with a complicated Q from your tiny human, turn on But Why. This podcast is perfect if your child is the sort who loves to ask seemingly simple, yet incredibly complex queries. Why aren’t there any more dinosaurs, ring a bell? Twice a week, science experts answer popular questions submitted by kids. We bet you’ll learn something new as well!


“Peace out”

If yoga is your jam and you want to teach your little ones the importance of relaxation, Peace Out is exactly what you need. This podcast is ideal to introduce your kids to mindfulness techniques. Studies indicate that children who can control their own breathing have an easier time maintaining concentration and have higher grades.It’s never too early to start working on these skills, so it’s great for a mid-afternoon break.

“Story Time”

After a busy day of activities, there’s nothing better than reading your child a story and watching them fall asleep. But what if you can make Story Time even better? This podcast helps add some new characters to your child’s repertoire. Updated every week, there are countless tales to make bedtime the best time of the day. Take note, storytelling will encourage your little one’s love for books and magic.


“Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child”

This fun podcast is a great way to get groovy! There’s no doubt that music plays an important part in children’s development. It aids language skills, inspires creativity and let’s be honest, it’s just downright fun! This weekly radio show will let your kids experience the best of rock and roll, with an age-appropriate playlist. If you’re sick of the same old Disney tunes, gives this one a shot. It might be the initial spark to interest your child in playing an instrument or joining the choir.


“Dream Big”

Motivating kids to follow their dreams is something that must be worked on daily. Parents should support their child’s endeavors so they will lead a life of passion and fulfillment. The premise behind Dream Big is to do precisely that. Accompanied by her mom, 7-year old Eva Karpman interviews big names from all kinds of fields. Experts, award winners, and celebs all get to share with kids their trajectory of success. Inspiring, fun and suitable for the whole family, this is one podcast not to miss.

We hope you enjoyed this fun selection handpicked by our editors here are OurStyleBlog. Give one of them a go and let us know what you think down below!