In this day and age, it’s all about the perfect selfie. Whether you’d like to show off a good hair day on Instagram or score a hot date on Tinder, OurStyleBlog has got your back. Let’s take your natural, gorgeous self and bring it up a notch. A little bibbity bobbity boo is all you need to make magic happen!

You spent hundreds of hours watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and the effort paid off, big time. Not only that, but your hair is great and your outfit is banging. Yet, something is missing. If you want to take a good snapshot and make it great, add a filter. It’s the quickest tweak for instant coolness. And if we’re talking filters, we cannot forget about VSCO, as they offer the best ones on the market. May we recommend the F2 and M3 (6)? Try it out and let us know.

Maybe it’s Sunday, you’re lounging in your sweats and don’t want to do any picture prep. Hit up Beauty Plus for an instant makeover, straight from your couch. A favorite among models, makeup artists and any Instagram It-girls, the powerful app can blur away blemishes, whiten your smile, change eye color, erase eye bags and even add fun animations.

Glam girls will go crazy over Modiface’s virtual makeover features. This is anything but low-key styles. Transforming yourself into the ultimate beauty queen is but a click away! The app offers thousands of cosmetics colors and makeup looks to experiment with. Not satisfied? You can also play around with over 40 celebrity hairstyles.The company uses a super high-tech laser algorithm for facial detection which ensures a flawless result every time. Give it a go – it’s too fun not to!

Do you know that girl, who always posts the most incredible selfies? Hey, don’t hate, learn to emulate! She probably has a little help from Facetune, the famous and beloved beautifying app. The handy technology allows you to hide breakouts, fix flyaways, reshape your face and even give your figure a nice a little tug. Never worry about good lighting or a good angle, because the app will do the work for you. Get ready to break hearts!

Makeup artists and enthusiasts are fans of Perfect 365’s versatile makeup looks and almost plastic surgery like features. How about giving your skin a little digital Botox with the blur feature? Or pulling up your cheekbones just a tiny bit? The small tweaks you make are always super accurate due to its cutting edge face-detection. And the best part: the app saves your favorite editing style, so you can recreate it for every snap. All under a second!

We hope these suggestions will help you be ready for your close-up every time. And if you’re still unsure how to snap, here are our last two tips: always aim from the top, as it offers a more favorable angle. Also, don’t forget to smile! It’s the best touch to any picture you take.

Do you have any tips? Share with us below!