One factor that always remains true about beauty is that you need to keep up with the latest styles. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or you’re aiming to look good for a private, intimate get-together, you want to capture the attention of everyone in the room. At the same time, you want to enhance and highlight your own natural beauty while adding a touch of excitement or energetic allure. Of course, there’s no better way to add that subtle touch than with a trendsetting nail polish. And today, OurStyleBlog has exactly what you’re looking for to make that special impression.

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NARS Women’s Nail Polish
Defined by its seashell pink hue, this sassy polish is going to be a big hit in 2017. The blend of softness alongside the electricity of pink is a welcome addition to any girl’s makeup choices. This perfect blend is sure to match just about any skin tone and complement a range of outfits and other makeup offerings, from lipstick to eyeshadow. The crowd-pleasing combination is also almost guaranteed to fit in for any type of outing, which has lead it to make waves for this year.

Red Carpet Manicure Purple LED Gel Nail Polish Collection
This uniquely plush nail polish by Red Carpet Manicure hits all the right spots. At once bright and full of intensity, it also has a deep magnetism about it that adds a feel of mystery. This sense of balance has it becoming one of the most talked about polishes of 2017. Still, the quality is also unquestionably there with this selection. When you’re wearing it, even after weeks, it retains its shine and luster very well.

Dior Dior Vernis Couture Color, Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer
Bold, smart, and completely on fire, this nail lacquer by Dior Vernis is fresh and full of life. One of the reasons that this choice is perfect for 2017 is that it captures the spirit of a fearless time, but with intelligence and aplomb. With a conservative outfit for the office, it adds an incandescence while amplifying your style, but with an outfit for a night out, it simply takes one’s breath away. We also love that it maintains a gel-like effect throughout its life, ensuring a quality look at any time.

Nails inc – Nailkale Polish – Montpelier Walk
You’ve probably noticed going into 2017 that health is an important topic on people’s minds. The same is true when it comes to makeup too, with better beauty compounds doing wonders for your skin or hair. Well, Nails Inc. is revolutionizing the nail polish world this year by bringing this approach to their Nailkale line of polishes. With Kale extracts, this polish builds your nails stronger, even as the nude color brings you a wonderful glow.

Burberry Beauty – Nail Polish – Stone Blue No.431
Inspired by an award-winning runway collection, this nail polish from Burberry is another great choice for protecting your nails, even as you impress. For one, it has Myrrh extract and B5 to keep your nails from breaking. On the other hand, it’s smoky blue is refreshing, while keeping things totally classy.

Ready to make 2017 your year when it comes to beauty? These nail polish recommendations promise to make your mission a fun one. Which one do you think fits your style best? We want to hear from you!