Times have changed and so have mothers. Long are the days when stay-at-home moms cared only for the kids and pot-luck dinners. There’s a new generation of technology savvy and entrepreneurial ladies kicking butt day by day. OurStyleBlog rounded up the coolest jobs for the family ladies out there. Be close to your kiddos and earn an income at the same time: win-win!


Ever dreamt of starting your own fitness business? Well, you can. One of the better platforms that we have come across for representing health and wellness products is Plexus (not to mention their products actually work). Plexus is a weight management and nutrition company with great plant base products and a lucrative commission plan. Sign up to become an ambassador and choose the right path for you. That means you can earn a little extra money for fun, pay the bills or go all out and earn the big bucks and amazing trips. Work from home, have fun and bring home the dollars. You’re the #girlboss here and that’s exactly what we love!


Let’s be honest, few things in life are as gratifying as offering a helping hand. Now imagine if you can also support the family by doing so straight from your own home. Awesome, right? Online tutoring is the perfect job for women who already worked in education or have a degree in an STEM-related field. One of our favorite platforms for that is Numbers With Natalie. She started her online tutor business 2016 and have never looked back. Signing up for her sessions are quick and easy not to mention she teaches  4-8 grade math to students from all over the world.


What if you could make a living by being close to your kids and adorable pups? For the animal lovers out there this sounds too good to be true but trust us. It isn’t. Rover is a Seattle-based startup that connects pet parents with people who will love and care for them as their own. From pet sitting to dog walking you can have your own small business where you are the one in control.


Kids are sweet but also fussy. As a parent, you know this better than anyone else. So why not take your own experience as a mom and turn that into a business? Become a daycare provider and look after other little munchkins. The steps are simple: become certified, take a few online classes and add a CPA course for maximum safety. Busy moms will love to know their biggest treasured are being well-looked after by you!


We may be biased but blogging is the bomb! This is the dream job for those who love to communicate and be connected with people from all over the world. Start awesome partnerships with brands, research trends and share information that adds value to your readers. You will have a blast straight from your own home. Initial investment? Wi-Fi and creativity galore. Fire up those neurons, start typing and join our blogger squad!

There is no doubt that ladies can and should do it all. We salute stay-at-home moms and would love to see even more women thriving in every area of their lives. Try one of these suggestions and savor the results of all your hard work!