We here at OurStyleBlog don’t discriminate, and we want you to be happy, but let’s face it, running and jogging can only be so much fun until you start asking yourself how can you spice things up. Along with the possibility of it becoming mundane, the much more realistic threat you might be facing is the threat of knee pain and injury, and also shin splits which is a type of acute pain forming in your shins from prolonged running.

These concerns are very real and if you haven’t experienced any of them yet, you can be rest assured that they will emerge in some form, at some point if you subject your body to constant running, especially on hard surfaces.

That is why, in an attempt to keep you healthy and strong, and also spice up your training routine, we have come up with 5 workouts that don’t require you to run, but will still make for a hell of a cardio workout!

High-Intensity Interval Training, Oh how We Love It
If you haven’t noticed this before, but we are very HIIT crazy here, and there are many reasons to support our love for this simple yet challenging type of training. When doing this type of training, you will be using your surroundings, whether they are at the gym or the park, in order to produce short intensive bursts that last 30-45 seconds with little to no rest. Switching from one to another, in time you will experience improved cardio-vascular endurance, athletic performance and fat loss.

Cardio Kickboxing for the Tough Ones
In case you’re the type of person that loves feeling empowered and getting a few punches in to wash the daily troubles away, you will be happy to find out that you don’ have to slap innocent bystanders while running, anymore! Kickboxing is one of the most taxing cardio workouts there is, and by combining explosive movements with elements of kickboxing, you will be one step closer to feeling refreshed and powerful.

Swim, be the Water
Remember when your doctor told you to take up swimming when you were a kid? Well you should have because not only does swimming help with skeletal and muscular development, but also makes for one of the best cardio workouts, shedding fat, improving endurance and helping you learn proper breathing. So hit the pool!

Yoga, Wave Goodbye to Fat
Yoga has proved to be the go-to training routine for people of all age, men and women alike, for reasons that are too numerous to be mentioned at once, but let’s try anyway. Doing yoga at home or in a class, whichever you prefer, will increase your strength and elasticity by making you bend and contort your body into ungodly positions, with an oddly satisfying feeling of happiness and fulfillment, leaving you carefree, strong and with a toned and healthy body. What more could you ask for?

Elliptical Machines do more than just look Cool
They also make that waist line slim down and keep you safe from impact injuries that could occur from running, jumping and of course, falling when you trip. While we’re sure you know how to walk off a fall as if it was your master plan all along, the consequences it can have on your health are not something to be taken lightly. That is why elliptical machines could become your next favorite thing, aside from chocolate, naturally.

Which one of these amazing cardio workout appeals most to you? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!