There’s no way around it, breakups are rough. You cry, you grieve and then you move on. Maybe it’s still fresh and you’re hurting. If that’s the case, by all means, grab that tub of ice-cream and give yourself a time-out. But if you’re ready for the silver lining, we got you covered. Here are the 5 reasons why a breakup might be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Yes, really.

Fresh from a heartbreak it all plain sucks. You no longer have somebody to hold hands with or bring you breakfast in bed. But guess what, there’s a greater, bigger love out there to cherish. And we don’t mean from your mama! Your own. Nobody is capable of loving you as much as you. Just because you’re riding solo now doesn’t mean the world is over. Far from it, you can now focus on making your life into the most incredible, fun journey. And hey, maybe somebody will tag along for the ride. When you least expect it, that’s when the magic happens!

Let’s be honest, relationships make us lazy. Chilling in our sweats while we wait for the pizza delivery guy sounds familiar? Being single is a great opportunity to learn new recipes and bring out the #masterchef that lives inside you. Look up new dishes to try, stop by the market and get some fresh ingredients. And hey, why not pop open that bottle of red and savor it with some brie? Nobody is looking.

When in a relationship, you have to juggle two people’s schedules, desires, friends, and family. It’s a lot to keep track of. Before you know it, the last time you did anything remotely adventurous was Spring Break ‘08 when you did 10 shots of tequila, straight. Don’t let life pass you up like that. The day has 24 hours and they are all yours. Book that trip to Thailand, go see the play that just debuted, or sign up for a sketching class. Enjoy your new found freedom!

A breakup can be a great opportunity to figure out what it is that you actually want in a relationship. Maybe you thought you loved the artsy, go-with-the-flow types only to figure out you want structure. And babies. And a mortgage. Or maybe you are the go- with-the-flow type who wants to see the world and be kid-free. Being single allows you to self-reflect on the big picture and what will truly make you happy. Make your goals happen.

When relationships end, it’s usually because something was not quite right. Perhaps you were fighting too much and could never agree on anything. Or it was a toxic environment. In both cases, being single will always be the best choice.You deserve to be happy and loved. Don’t let anybody think otherwise. Good things can now come your way. Believe in it.

We hope you enjoyed our little positivity session. Take it one day at the time and we promise you, things will get better. Here’s to the fabulous, single you!