Every girl wants to turn their guy on. But, sometimes, we aren’t sure of what is going to work. What works for one guy is not going to be the universal for everyone. However, there are some things that you can do that might just get his motor going and ready to pounce.

Get sweaty
Guys like a woman who takes pride in the way that she looks. Everyone says that it’s not about what is on the outside that matters, but really, everyone knows that it is. If a woman looks good on the outside, then she is going to feel good on the inside. To turn your man on, show that confidence and slip into a pair of yoga pants that hug your curves just right and a sports bra to show off that toned tummy. As you’e working out, put a little wiggle into it so that his interest is piqued.

Wear his shirt
No one understands why, but guys like to see their ladies in their clothes. Find his favorite sports jersey or his favorite work shirt and wear it around the house with a high ponytail and nothing else. You can always put on underwear if you do not feel completely comfortable naked under his shirt. But, wearing his shirt is going to show him that you are completely his. Not to mention, the little bit of skin that you are showing is going to draw his attention from whatever it is that he is doing. Plus, you’ll feel sexy about yourself.

Pleasure yourself
Admit it or not, you’ve taken a little bit of time and pleasured yourself with your favorite toy or your fingers. What you might not know is that guys like to see this too. When you get your man in the bedroom, have him sit back away from you and take your private time public in front of him. Showing him how you do it yourself is not only going to turn him on, but it is also going to show him just how to pleasure you when it comes time for his turn.

Boss him around
Generally, a guy takes charge when it comes to the bedroom. So, change it up and take charge. Be the one to tell him to take his pants off and then get on top of him. Depending on how far you two are willing to go in your sexual relationship will depend on how bossy you are with him. Talk to him about it if you are not completely comfortable with your own judgment.

Play along
We’ve all been there when our significant other is pressed up against you right before bed or first thing in the morning. No, we do not always want to have anything to do with what he is wanting, but do not let him know that. Press your butt back against him and bring his hand around so that he can touch you. This is also an excellent time for you to use one of the other ways that we have mentioned above.

With that being said, go find your man and try one of these methods. You may be surprised at how fast it works! Show confidence in yourself, and your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.