We all have occasions that we’d like to lose a few pounds and feel more confident wearing our favorite clothes. But that doesn’t mean you need to be chewing on celery sticks all day long. We did our research and worked our magic to find the most mouth-watering lunches that are still healthy!

Forget about overpriced salads at your nearby café. Sometimes the most innocent looking meals can be as unhealthy as ordering junk-food. Instead, revamp the old childhood favorite Tuna Sandwich by swapping the mayo for avocado.

In a mixing bowl, mash half of an avocado. Then combine 1 can of tuna (drained), ¼ cup of celery, ¼ of a red onion, 1 teaspoon of lime juice and a dash of mustard. Mix well. Next add salt and black pepper to taste. Serve on whole-wheat bread or tortillas and enjoy!

Healthy fats keep you full, nourished and help promote weight loss. We turned them into “sushi” because, well we’re fancy like that. Bonus – this one is low-carb for the win!

Start by covering a cutting board with cling film. On another board, position ½ of an unpitted avocado and cut it into very thin slices. Position your slices as a row over the cling film board. Repeat the procedure so that you can add the second row beneath the first. Make sure they overlap a little.

Place a piece of sushi grade salmon over the first row of avocado slices. Grab the edge of the cling film closest to you and begin rolling.Finish by cutting your roll into same-size pieces. Yum!

What if we said you could eat a burger and fries for lunch and still lose weight? Just swap regular beef for turkey – a much leaner choice – use lettuce in lieu of bread and go with sweet potatoes since they are packed with fiber and Vitamin A!

Preheat your oven to 425F. In a bowl, toss your washed and peeled sweet potatoes with a bit of olive oil, salt, and paprika. Spread them over the sheet and bake until golden.

In a bowl, mix ½ lb of ground turkey, ¼ cup of grounded zucchini, ¼ cup of red onions, ⅛ cup of parsley, 1 egg white, ⅛ cup of breadcrumbs. Add salt and pepper to taste. Form into patties and fry on medium heat. Use lettuce leaves to wrap your burger and feel free to add a slice of tomato.

Chicken salad is a tasty classic that can help you trim down! But let’s add a little spice for variation, shall we?

In a large mixing bowl you will combine the following ingredients: 1 cup of shredded chicken breast, ½ cup of red pepper chopped, ¼ of a red onion, ½ cup of cilantro, 1 jalapeno chopped and ½ of an avocado. Mix well. Finish with salt, pepper, tabasco and a dash of dijon mustard. Serve with a green salad or enjoy on its own!

Eggs are a protein packed super-food and should be part of your diet. So how about an egg salad sandwich that will keep you full for hours on end? Check it out below.

Combine a peeled and mashed hard-boiled egg with 1 Tbs of mayonnaise, 1 Tbs of green onions, 1 Tbs of celery. Mix well. Add salt, pepper and a sprinkle of curry powder. Serve on whole-wheat bread or tortilla.

Give any sandwich shop in town a run for their money by making your own amazing, chicken panini. Great tasting food that is good for you has never been easier!

Take your the oven baked chicken breast, slice it and set aside.
In a mixing bowl combine 1Tbs of pesto, 1Tbs of mayo. Spread mix over a whole ciabatta bread. Add Arugula, tomato and the chicken to your bread.
Grill the sandwich on a panini press on your grill pan with a lid placed on top.

We dare you to give these suggestions a go during the week. Have a taste and let us know what you think!