Summer is quickly approaching and so is bathing suit season. It’s time to shed those extra layers and get hot for the beach. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a die-hard fitness enthusiast. This is our little reminder of what you should keep in check when at the gym.

P.S. Feel free to forward it to any of your friends who could up their etiquette!

1. Not stretching

Don’t even think about it. If you only have 30 minutes for a workout, this is not where you cut corners. Stretching is essential to keep muscles flexible and strong. By skipping this important step, your muscles will shorten and tighten over time. This leads to an increased risk of injuries and strains. Think stretching is for the yoga bunnies? Get over it, big guy. We want you to look long and lean, so stretch it out.


2. Taking a million selfies.

Sure, you need to keep the #fitfam updated on your progress. But are you there to workout or pretend that you did? If you don’t fall in love with the process, you will never get the results. Nobody achieves the bootie they want by sitting on it. So skip the photo shoot and get to those squats. Work, Work, Work.


3. Singing out loud.

The gym is a temple and one shall not be disrespectful. Workout time is the perfect moment to disconnect from everything and focus on you and every fiber of your muscles. The last thing anyone wants is to be distracted by other people’s singing. Save your musical performance for The Voice auditions and focus on smashing those weights when you’re at the gym.


4. Not putting away your equipment.

Didn’t you mama teach you anything? It’s plain courtesy to put away your equipment after you’ve used it. Serious talk, people could stumble and get hurt or weights might end up misplaced and lost. Follow the 3-step rule: You lift things up, put them down and then store them away. Easy enough, right?


5. No grunting.

Honestly, not even Maria Sharapova got away with this one. In fact, the umpire would call her out all the time. It’s plain cringe worthy when ladies grunt, moan or produce any other obnoxious noises during a workout. You want to attract stares of admiration for your fitness prowess, not because you’re that girl who could star in adult films. Choose wisely.

6. Showering without flip flops.

Sweaty people, unite! Getting into shape requires perspiration, but nobody wants an infection. Public showers are the perfect breeding territory for biofilms to reproduce and live happily ever after. You might think your skin doesn’t have any cracks or injuries but they are often too small to see. Stay safe by wearing flip-flops when you shower. This way you can avoid athlete’s foot and scary bacterias such as MRSA – yuck!

We hope our readers will remember a few of these suggestions before they hit the weights. Remember, the only bad workout is the one you skipped. Get at it!