C hoosing your baby’s name is no piece of cake. After all, you want to get it just right. There’s a whole lifetime at play here! A good name will be unique enough so it stands out, but it must also suit your child, well into their golden years. A toddler named Bunny might sound cute today. However, how will that look on Linkedin on years to come? Here are our top picks for your little bundle of joy.


Blame it on Ms. Gardner, perhaps? When one says Ava, we can’t help but think of the talented and glamorous Hollywood star. It’s the perfect example of a name that will always remain distinctive. Short, sweet and sassy. Bonus: your girl will learn how to spell it in no time!


Your own little princess deserves a true royal’s name. The duchess and duke of Cambridge didn’t think twice about naming their little girl Charlotte. The name is a French feminine diminutive to Charles and means petite and feminine. Oh yes, we are swooning!



If you’d like a classic name with a twist, why not give Isabella a go? It’s the Latin variation to Elizabeth. The name means “devoted to god” and has the possibility for some great nicknames. Bella or Izzy for short sound so ah-dorable!


A very popular name, Olivia has been among the top picks in the past couple of years. This lovely name remote to Shakespeare, so if you’re a diehard literature fan, it could be perfect. It also translates well into several languages, so people won’t be breaking their heads on how to pronounce it.


A timeless pick, Maria is a variant to Mary. The name is influenced by Latin Christianity and is the number one female name in Spain. The meaning behind it is “wished for child”, so it could be a gorgeous choice to honor your little one’s birth.


Short, but powerful, the name Julia derives from the almighty Julius Caesar, emperor of ancient Rome. It is believed that people with this name often become successful and achieve all their dreams. If we use our favorite Pretty Woman as a reference, we can’t help but believe it!



Flower names can be quite popular, but none of them can compete with the pure elegance of Rose. Romantic and feminine, it will complement middle names like a charm. Minimal but always chic, we can’t imagine any lady called Rose not blooming through the seasons.


Rumor has it name-picking can influence your child’s future. So why not go all out with a winning decision. Victoria derives from the Latin word Victorius which means victory. The name has made quite a revival after BBC aired the brilliant show Victoria, depicting the life of 19th century’s British queen. And if it worked for a monarch, it should work well for your daughter!

There you have it! Our favorite picks, chosen with so much love. What are you thinking of naming your baby? Any interesting meanings? We’d love to know!