Work isn’t always what you make it out to be. For some people it’s staying at the office until the dusk settles and the morning sun rises. For others it’s staring at your computer screen for almost 24 hours, trying to understand social media marketing while exploring the globe. But more often than not, it means you’re working when you would rather have a vacation. It isn’t bad per se – but you like this life. You enjoy it. You thrive in it. And it’s a really good life.

We’re presenting a few options that all have one goal: making your life easier. With all the pockets, accessibility, and organization you need in a perfect backpack. Oh, and if it helps, it lessens the stress of work on your vacation. Win-win.

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The Samsonite Luggage Tectonic Backpack is fully-equipped for big laptops, which range to about 17” while also have enough room for your headphones, sunglasses, and a separate iPad or tablet pocket. And if you’re opting to go on adventures, it also has a side water bottle pocket and extra pockets for small items like your toiletries.



The Tumi Alpha Bravo Kingsville Deluxe Brief Backpack is an alternative to your luggage backpack, with more pockets made available. Of course, it has laptop and iPad sleeves but also tiny ones for your keys, back leash, and a special business card pocket. This is perfect for when you’re going on a business trip and need quick access to credit cards, business cards, or gift vouchers.



The SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 is a bit smaller than your other choices. With only space enough for your 17” laptop, but is designed with polyester fabric that protects your gear wherever you go. And because it only fits your laptop, it’s especially engineered to give you the best experience carrying it around while on vacation – it’s lighter than most backpacks and makes sure it’s completely protected with extra cushions inside.



While the Travelpro Executive Choice Crew Checkpoint Friendly Computer Backpack also caters to your laptop. However, the key difference between the two is that this one’s made of nylon, has an alternate pocket for your tablet, and has been tested for various airport checkpoints around the globe. We wouldn’t want your tech to be ruined while being wheeled in a conveyor belt now, would we? Plus, it’s catered to seasoned travelers where there are secret pockets to prevent credit cards and your passport from being stolen.



Alternatively, another SwissGear ScanSmart Travel Backpack (model SA1753) was made solely for air travel. It’s engineered using polyester with digital nomads in mind. From its modern design to the positioning of its pockets, this travel backpack comes fully equipped with adjustable side straps and extra-hidden side pockets. It’s completely functional even when you’re climbing mountains or backpacking around South America with ventilation for proper airflow and an additional small bag for your toiletries inside the already light travel backpack.



And finally, the last and biggest option is the Samsonite MVS Spinner Backpack which also doubles as your own hand carry bag. It has the added option of adding two wheels, a handle, and all the functions of a premium luggage bag. The wheels have a 360 upright which means that your arm will not feel its weight with padded shoulder pads in case you choose to use it as a backpack while on the go. Unfortunately, it’s max capacity is 15.6” for your laptop but Samsonite makes up for it with additional two pockets for water bottles, hidden compartments for your documents, and a quick change panel technology that allows you to change from luggage to backpack in a matter of seconds.

Each backpack is specifically designed for a certain traveler in mind. It helps to also understand what kind of trips you usually take and what you really need.

With all that said, which one is your top pick?