As the entertainment industry prepares for Awards season, the latest talk of the town has been about the film La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. By playing a jazz musician, Gosling steals the show for his talent and the extraordinary vintage wardrobe worn in the movie.

Dare to be inspired? OurStyleBlog didn’t miss a beat and found the hottest menswear pieces to bring out the leading man in you!

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Brooks Brothers Men’s Regent Classic-Fit Non-Iron Diamond White Solid Dress Shirt

The film might have a 60’s vibe, but it’s still set in modern day L.A. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a classic dress shirt. Brooks Brothers are the go-to choice for elegant gentlemen and it’s easy to see why: their cut, quality, and style is impossible to beat.

Selected Homme Suit Pant with Mini Plaid in Skinny Fit with Stretch
Every time you see Gosling he always looks the same: tall and lean – darn! But fret not, so much of that has to do with the right pair of pants. A skinny fit cut with a bit of stretch like this one from Asos will help every guy look their best. Added bonus: the plaid helps you stand out in an understated way.

Modern Fit Plaid Suit Jacket
This look would not be complete without the proper jacket. Get ready to suit up! A man dressed in a well-cut suit is the male equivalent of a lady in her sexiest lingerie. This is your secret weapon, so don’t skimp. Perry Ellis cuts them in the perfect modern style and the pattern keeps it classy.

Elegance starts with the suit and continues with the necktie. Picking the right one is crucial and it just so happens that Alexander Olch makes terrific ones. The trick is to go a little skinnier than usual – that screams sexy musician instead of boring corporate attire.

Men’s David Donahue Sterling Silver Tie Clip
You weren’t thinking about skipping this important detail, right? After all, what’s the point of a great tie if it won’t stay in place. An elegant clip like David Donahue’s is what you need to complete the dashing ensemble. Step it up by having it engraved with your initials!

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch, 40mm
Gosling’s look in the movie is all about subtlety – nothing is flashy or overbearing. That’s where a timepiece like Daniel Wellington’s Classic Sheffield comes in. The sleek design and leather strap is just what you need to accessorize. At 40mm it’s the perfect size to comfortably adorn your wrist but still look smart.

Men’s Lloyd ‘Laurin’ Plain Toe Derby
No vintage inspired look is complete without the right shoes. The derby fashioned Laurin is made in Germany with full- grain leather. Impeccable quality and style to have you strolling around as the most dapper dude in town.

So there you have it, gents! We can’t all be movie stars, but who says we can’t dress like ‘em?! Shop these incredible pieces and you can be sure to stand out in not just in La La Land, but wherever you go!