Whenever you hit up the gym, you may feel like all that time on the elliptical isn’t paying off. All your hard earned work strength training; eating healthy is missing one piece. Can we say gym outfit? Well we have the perfect combo to help show off all that hard earned work. Here is our official guide on how to look fierce this year in the gym.

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Soft Slouchy Extra Long Knit Beanie Cap
No more bed hair going to and from the gym this year with the soft slouchy knit beanie. This is also a great additive for meeting your girlfriend for that early morning coffee run. This slouchy beanie cap is going to be the perfect way for you to hide your messy hair but still look fashionable.



HDE Women’s Winter Infinity Scarf
As mentioned earlier, the colder weather is something that needs to be guarded against. An infinity scarf is going to assist in this. The infinity scarf is going to keep your neck warm as you’re way to the gym.



Women’s Nike Sphere Dry Top
Everyone knows the name Nike and that it is associated with working out. The Nike sphere is the ultimate long sleeve shirt that is going to help to keep you dry as you work out. The Nike sphere dry is going to come in three different colors. Ivory, black, and heather depending on which one you are wanting to rock as you rock your workout.



Fabletic Dash Seamless Bra
With a tight shirt on, no one wants their bra to be seen by the guys in the gym. Thanks to Fabletics, there is now a seamless bra that is going to be perfect. The bra comes in a variety of colors and is going to run true to your size. This seamless bra is not going to constrict as you go about your workout and you are not going to have to worry about your back getting hot because the design on the back is meant to allow air in to aid in cooling you down.



Columbia Women’s Powder Pillow Jacket
The Columbia jacket is going to keep you warm without keeping you too warm. This jacket is going to fit perfectly over your Nike Sphere Dry L/S shirt. As you are dealing with the chill in the air you’re going to want something that is going to help you stay warm.



Fabletics Salar Legging
Another favorite from Fabletics, your leggings are going to make your toned legs and butt look that much better as you lift weights and work on the elliptical. Salar leggings come with different patterns that you are going to be able to choose from to fit your style. You are going to be able to choose if you want a regular inseam or a tall inseam depending on how tall you are.



Women’s Nike Air Max 1 Ultra
Once again, Nike comes through for your workout needs. The Nike Air Max is going to have a mesh design to help keep your feet cool during your workout. They are flexible so that as you are doing your workout, your shoes are moving without and not just creating more resistance for you to work against. The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra are the ultimate running shoe if you are training for a marathon or any other race. The soles of these shoes are leather and are going to give you a more sophisticated look while keeping it sporty for the gym. Oh did we mention that they will make your look fabulous!

You’ve been handled the keys to the gym ladies. What are you waiting for?
Get the gear; go to the gym and rock this look. Don’t be too surprised if you get a compliment or two; or three. You can thank us later!