It’s the end of the line and you’re about to embark into an exciting new adventure. Whether it’s a date or a dinner party, you’re going to be dressing up to play the part. Now, imagine rifling through your closet, picking out the best designer suit, authentic Italian leather shoes, and a watch.

But see, you know how important first impressions are. That’s why it isn’t just any suit, shoes, or watch. It has to be the best. The one that makes the perfect first impression. When you’re going through your clothes, you realize you need to pick out the watch that’s going to stand out from the rest. The one that says unrivaled sophistication but not one to make you stand off. You only need the perfect timeless piece to make that lasting first impression

You’ve now narrowed it down to three choices, ones that you feel will curate how your evening will go:

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The Gucci Swiss Quartz is perfect for that first date or your dinner party. It automatically dresses up your casual wear but also goes extremely well with a suit. It speaks class with its black leather and face mixed with a silver front-end that’s made of stainless steel. The watch isn’t too big to come off as a stand off but it doesn’t exactly just blend in either.



The Shinola Runwell Chronograph Sports watch fits that date where you plan to cruise around the city or picnics in the park. Or maybe drinks with friends right after your dinner party. It’s casual, sleek, and speaks tenfold about the kind of person you are: fun, humorous, and ecstatic about life. Packed with a duo-tone silver and gray metal alongside a black face that is designed to look every bit of who you are.



And lastly because you enjoy technology, the Michael Kors Dylan Smartwatch is perfect for your nights out. The new line offers many faces and leather that’s interchangeable, but you’ve always preferred it blue with a silver-white face that automatically tells you the weather, temperature, and the time (obviously). You’ve always preferred being on-the-go and you’ve certainly enjoyed becoming the top-leader in the industry. This shows your friends how updated, cool, and hip you are despite the classic suit.


Now, the thing is, you’re torn between these three watches. They’re perfect for the kind of woman you want to attract and also amazing for when you’re out for drinks with friends on a weekend. This particular weekend you’re getting dressed up for. But this isn’t just an ordinary weekend. This weekend could change your life. And you need the perfect watch, the perfect accessory, to remind you of these timeless moments.

Which one do you pick?