Running or jogging is by far one of the best and most popular exercise that you can perform to ensure that you are in tiptop physical health. However, when your run or jog, you need the highest performance of running shoes that are available on the market and the best and far superior choice is Nike. We’ve picked our top three men’s running shoes made by Nike that is available for a fair price, all while offering great comfort and features. And by the way, they will definitely make a fashion statement.

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Nike Men’s Air Max 90Nike Men’s Air Max 90
This pair of Nikes offers incredible comfort for those men who want walk and run on a continuous basis. They are made using leather and synthetic materials with a design that will withstand heavy use from those who only take a quick run around the block to those who participate in 10k races. No matter what you are doing, these shoes will offer you the comfort and support that every runner needs. The Nike Men’s Air Max 90 offer a heel specially designed for comfort due to the unique cushion design. They also include a BRS 1000 rubber outsole for the comfort of the wearer along with superior durability and support.



Nike Air Max 2016Nike Air Max 2016
This version of the Nike Air Max offer an excellent design that has been brought up to date with the technology of today. They provide a maximum cushion that runs along the entire shoe with a tubular construction that enhances the flexibility, all while offering more air underfoot. They are extremely lightweight so running is not a chore anymore, but is an excellent way to relieve stress. Their design also provides a plush foam and mesh tongue to allow your feet to breathe. They include a midsole flex groove that offers a greater flexibility underfoot as well. The waffle outsole was designed and used for their durability and to provide excellent multi-surface type traction for an all terrain running experience. For those who love to run at night, you will enjoy the enhanced reflective details included for low lighting.



Nike Men’s Free Flyknit 4.0
Flyknit shoes by Nike are lightweight; however, the newer version of these shoes are even more lightweight, which makes them an excellent running shoe. They took the model that you fell in love with and made even more improvements. This shoe is extremely breathable, which makes them perfect for the warmer months that you participate in those long races or marathons. This Nike men’s shoe offers an outsole that includes deep hexagonal flex grooves to ensure that the shoe is flexible when you are running. The Flyknit technology does not only concentrate on providing a running shoe but also focuses on offering a shoe that you can wear for all occasions. These may be the perfect running shoe, but will also look great with a pair of jeans for a casual night out on the town. This technology also offers a higher and superior level of comfort that will make it feel as if you were barefoot, without the pain of any terrain that you may be walking or running on.

As you can see, even though there are multiple reasons to stick with Nike running shoes, as well as different styles for different reasons. With the three that are listed here, you can get the sense of which running shoe would best fit your situation.